Lydia Gregory was born in Gandía  (Valencia) in 1986. Since she was a little girl, she took classic dance lessons and, it was there, where she had her first contact with the stages. In 2007, she started singing in several groups and orquestras and since then, she has participated in many different projects, collaborations and other events related to music. In 2011, she released "Mira" , her first studio album as a solo singer. Nowadays, she lives in Barcelona and collaborates in the songwriting of many songs for musical shows. She also continues with her music studies at "AULA de Jazz i Música Moderna" Liceu Conservatory. One of her last initiatives was the composition of  the song "No mires atrás" and its video ,specially recorded for helping  and supporting people with intellectual disabilities during the Ayomie Gala. She is also a voting member of the Latin Recording Academy of Grammys since 2016.

hard rock café bcn

vila awards 2016

"la pointe"            dance contest

serrano theather

fnac triangle

"tinta roja" bcn

charity projects

She gives her support to many charity purposes and NGO's

“Blood donation marathon" & "Telesafor solidaria"

She performs in the "blood donation marathon" and also in the "Telesaforsolidaria.com"  organized by Gandia Radio (Cadena Ser). 

GlOBALMÓN: "school day for non-violence and peace"

In January 2013, she lends her voice to this event that took place on the 30th of January in “Palau Ducal dels Borja” in Gandía, singing the "Song for peace" written by Lluís García and arranged by the great British guitarist Graham Foster, who also played the guitar and recorded the song in his studio.


She played 2 songs from her album "Mira", together with PROESO instrumental group on the main hall of the "Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia" (Valencia). This show took place during the Solidaripop Concert in behalf of BUSF NGO. The event was recorded live and was also compilated in CD+DVD format.


AYOMIE gala 2016

Lydia wrote "No mires atrás" ,the oficial song for Ayomie's Gala 2016. This was a way of commemorating the 25ºanniversary of "Tots Som Santboians", an association of people with intellectual disabilities.The gala was organized by Alfredo Segarra and a great promotional video was also recorded for this ocassion.


Lydia was accompanied by "La nova Big Band Jazz" and his director Gaspar Nadal, during the first "Ciutat de Xátiva's literary Gala", playing, all together, songs as famous as At last (Etta James) or  Memory (from CATS musical).




She performed with the "Unió Musical d'Alcoi" during the show "Legends of Pop-rock", singing great hits from Michael Jackson, Queen, Supertramp,Bee Gees, The Blues Brothers, etc.




She performed with the "SPM Antella" giving voice to many musicals as "Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King", "Les Misérables", "Grease", etc.



bruno lomas tribute 2012/13

She colaborated with Salmagundí Band  in the "Bruno Lomas Tribute" that took place in "La Murta football pitch", located in Xativa's city during the 2012 and 2013 annual's fair.

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